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BellySock's come in two different styles (Maternity & Nursing) so you can be covered from the beginning of your belly growth through weaning! Both styles come in regular cotton or organic cotton also.
Nursing: This style can take the place of a blanket that you may have used to cover-up you and your baby while nursing. It is a tube sock proportioned for your post-pregnancy body that will slip under your shirt and over the top of your pants to cover your belly while you nurse. As with the maternity band it can help you start fitting back into those pre-pregnant pants and covering up while you can't quite close the top.
Both styles come in sizes:
XS - 2-4
S - 4-6
M - 8-10
L - 12-14
XL - 16-18
2X - 20-22
3X - 24-28

Color Options for cottons:
Black, White, Baby Pink, Heather Gray

Color Options for organic:
Black, White, Natural
Price: Regular Was $29 - Now $13.05
Organic Was $39 - Now $17.55