Le Unique Bra J30 (white) - Sizes FF - KK
Le Unique Bra J30 (white) - Sizes FF - KK
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Le Unique Bra J30 (white) - Sizes FF - KK

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We are happy to announce that we can get Jeunique bras again! They are now made under the name Le Unique. The name is different, but the bras are the same.
Special Features: The Le Unique bra is unique. This is an outstanding garment for women in all phases of their lives. The patented design originated with bridge engineering where the support comes from underneath the breasts instead of hanging all the weight on the shoulder. This is the ultimate bra for support and provides more than any underwire ever made!!
Fabric Content: The cups are made from an equal blend of Nylon/Poly lace and the banderin support is made of a breathable acetate. The back is a one way stretch power netting. In spite of the fibers it is quite comfortable!
Shape and Fitting: If support is your main concern this bra is a must as you will not even bounce in it! Because of the fussier fit and less expand/contract ability of this bra, I suggest you wait on this style until 5-6 weeks after birth when you have really settled in and know what size you will be for the long haul. It is very important to read the directions and put this bra on exactly as they suggest!! I do have to be honest here and make a warning: After you get it on but before you even look down at it or look in the mirror you must get your shirt on!! It will amaze you what it looks like to have breasts up where they were first designed to be but the sight of the way it does it can be a bit overwhelming at first. I guess you will have to experience this one to understand. It does mellow and shape to you after a couple weeks of washing and wear so it will not stay quite so "pointy". It is suppose to be the same sizing structure as the regular J40's, J50's and J60's. However we have found that they fit just a bit different. If you know your J40's size for sure you may want to try out a J30 in a cup size smaller. We are just fine with you "trying on" 2 sizes to compare and then sending one back. If your credit card has a problem with that much you can always put a note on your order that you want them sent one at a time.
Washing Instructions: Hand wash in cool water but do not twist or wring. No bleach. This bra can absolutely NOT be put in the dryer!!
Back: The widths change with every few sizes but they are very
appropriate for the size. They all have 3 positions however extenders are available.
Colors: White (J30), Beige - a fairly dark beige (J31), Black (J32)
Sizes: Jenuique bras come in sizes ranging from 30 to 46, cup sizes B through KK, and are priced according to specific size and color choices. Once you have determined your size in my "Fitting Room" then you need to convert that into Le Unique sizing as follows:
My A & B = LU A & B to BB
My C = LU BB to C
My D = LU CC
My E = LU D to DD
My F = LU E to EE
My G = LU F to FF
My H = LU FF to G
My I = LU G to GG
My J = LU H to HH
My K = LU I to II
My L = LU J to JJ
My M = LU K to KK
Generally you will go down one band size in Le Unique, as they run bigger and for the firm fit they suggest.
Band Sizes: B, BB = 30 - 40 C, CC, D, DD, E, EE, F, FF, G, GG, H, HH, I, II, J, JJ, K, KK = 30 - 46
Price: $84.50